Counselling and the festive season

‘Tis the season to be jolly’

So life isn’t treating you kindly but it’s silly season and you find yourself swept up in the the festive fun activities.  Be it the office Christmas party, the works night out or just a jolly with family or friends.

Just because you are wearing your Rudolph Christmas jumper, your little black party  number or dressed to thrill doesn’t mean you are truly having a great time.  We often find ourselves getting caught up in the swing of things when we would rather be hiding away  particularly if you are struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship problems or have recentjy experienced a loss of some kind.  However the fact that you have gone out and are at least trying to go through the motions with your colleagues, friends and family is a credit to you.

Issues affect everyone from time to time and some are particularly poignant this time of year, a recent bereavement, breakdown of a relationship, illness, loneliness and so on can seem even more debilitating as those around us go on their merry way.

it is important at the low times in our lives that we don’t bottle things up, talking to family, friends, work colleagues is really important in order to offload and begin to face the struggles going on in our lives.  For those who feel isolated living away from family and friends there is always someone you can talk to with many dedicated phone lines available and remember you can talk to your doctor or other health professional who may be able to help.

Counselling can be really beneficial and as a counsellor I support people from all walks of life.  Although I work in private practice I keep my charges as low as possible charging £30 for a counselling session.  I also work for an organisation whereby Counselling may also be accessed through your GP and often through your workplace too.

As a counsellor I often find myself telling my clients “I don’t have a magic wand” at times wishing I did. However counselling really does work making a difference to people’s lives. Talking and having the opportunity to offload to someone who is professionally trained to support people as they explore sensitive issues can be really therapeutic promoting a sense of wellbeing enabling clients to make necessary changes in order to move forward in their lives.

This time of year any issues can feel even more of a burden as the festive season is upon us. For more information please call me on 07513954154 or email traceyburford@me.com

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